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Launch Your Cryptocurrency Exchange like Wazirx - Wazirx Clone Script

April 16th 2024


Do you all agree if i say,In this fast moving Internet world the accessibility of the internet is directly proportional to the awareness about cryptocurrencies and crypto exchange among the people.

Obviously right isn't it? As the world is battling against the colossal development of COVID-19 pandemic, most assuredly every business person is confronting a huge destruction in their business. But this condition does not apply to the cryptocurrency trading business. Yes, the fact is that cryptocurrencies can be traded from anywhere in the globe, as it is super-fast, secure and reliable.

Would you believe, earlier, cryptocurrencies were like an unknown word to the people and later now it has become a buzzword. Hence making use of this opportunity, entrepreneurs are looking forward to starting peer to peer cryptocurrency exchange platforms.

Cryptocurrency exchanges make digital currency trading easy for traders, and also a portion of the notable worldwide cryptocurrency exchanges include Binance, Coinbase, Localbitcoins, and WazirX. Despite the fact that they were completely intended to address the issues of worldwide merchants, some of them are leaned toward because of the nation's comfort.

You can not store INR on certain trades (you might have the option to set aside installments using your worldwide credit/charge card). But WazirX, permits Indians and others all throughout the world to right away store cash in INR or USDT, working with dynamic exchanging.

Are you a person about to start your Cryptocurrency Exchange platform especially, Wazirx? Troniex Technologies helps you to construct your own peer-to-peer Wazirx cryptocurrency Exchange Platform.

Before that can we have an overview about Wazirx Clone Script and all its features and benefits.

What is Wazirx Clone Script

In a Simple word, Wazirx Clone Script is a Peer to peer(P2P) Cryptocurrency exchange Script to start a P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange like Wazirx. It is a cent percent ready to launch cryptocurrency exchange Script encrypted with advanced security features and functionalities as that of Wazirx with a long view so that any entrepreneurs can easily start a P2p Crypto Exchange.

Wazirx Clone Script offers to handle millions of transactions and concurrent users seamlessly. The most notable thing is that you can easily customize the script based on your own business requirements.

Features of Wazirx Clone Script

P2P Trading

No involvement of third parties as it is purely a Peer to peer Crypto trading, enabling end to end transaction of buy and sell orders.

Crypto Wallet

Engage your users with a unique wallet that could support more than 100+ Cryptocurrencies. Also prevent theft and hacking with multi-signature cryptocurrency wallets

Integration of Payment Gateway

Providing you a wide range of payment gateway options includes paypal, Amazon pay, Debit/Credit cards.

Super-quick trade matching engine

To give fly speed exchanging, we have coordinated a super-quick trade matching engine to work with a margarine smooth exchanging experience to the traders.

Trading Bot

Wazirx displays a crypto exchange bot that uses a computerised purchasing and selling process when the market price matches the programmed price.

Real Time Pricing

Users are offered with live updates on cryptocurrency prices to catalyze trust on your platform and encourage reasones trading decisions.

Unique features of Wazirx Clone Script

  • Margin Trading
  • Multiple Currency Support
  • IEO Launchpad
  • DEX
  • Atomic Swap
  • ERC-20 Ethereum Tokens and TRX Tokens Support
  • Liquidity API
  • KYC/AML Verification
  • Basic, Advanced and Pro trading interfaces

Security Features of Wazirx Clone

  • Two-Factor verification
  • HTTPS Authentication
  • Anti-phishing software
  • Cross-site request forgery(CSRF) protection
  • Secure wallet
  • High Security
  • Jail Login
  • Server-Site Request Forgery(SSRF) protection

Wazirx Clone App Development

Wazirx Clone App is a ready to launch Cryptocurrency exchange app that assists you with making your cryptocurrency exchange application simple and available in iOS and Android to get more clients as that of Wazirx. We, Troniex Technologies design and deploy wazirx clone app with stunning UI/UX features that are viable in all gadgets and guarantees a smooth exchanging experience for traders

Top end features of WazirX Clone App

  • Two-factor Authentication
  • Push notifications
  • QR Scanning
  • Ratings and Feedback facilities
  • Location Tracking
  • Live Chat Options
  • Transaction History
  • Ad-posting facility
  • Encrypted Private key
  • Multiple language support
  • White list options
  • Fast KYC Verification
  • Advanced Price Tracking

How Does the WazirX Clone App Works?

Account Creation

Users need to enlist on the WazirX Exchange platform by just entering their email address and secret word. The activation mail of that account is sent to the enlisted email address, Now the users can sign in. When the client is enrolled, the wallet will be made for the users.

Ad Posting

The users need to finish the KYC to deposit the assets. Click on the profile to enter your bank details, submit any of the public authority evidence, upload the pictures of PAN, Aadhar and photograph. When every one of the records are checked, the users will deposit the funds to begin trading on WazirX.

Gets Notifications

The buyer gets notification about the seller's advertisements and the users can pick the seller depending on the matches. When the buyer affirms, the talk window will empower then the user can type a sum wish to purchase/sell and afterward send trade requests.

Payment Method

When the fiat trade is finished, Finally the seller affirms the transaction, the administrator of the exchange guides the escrows to convey the Cryptos from the escrow's wallet to the Buyer's wallet in a flash.

Benefits of our Wazirx Clone Script

  • Independent P2P Trading
  • Offline Wallet
  • Brand Identification
  • Quick Market Launch
  • Customization
  • Reduces Time and effort
  • Economical
  • Enhanced in ROI
  • Builds Trust

How to Start a Crypto Exchange Like Wazirx?

To Begin your own crypto exchange like WazirX, you need a WazirX clone script which will consist of all the features like WazirX. Obviously, developing from Scratch is really a big deal, but here we Silijio technologies are developing a peer-to-peer crypto exchange platform like Wazirx to benefit you.

We provide Complete support right from ideation to post deployment and any modification could be done into the app without any hesitation.

Where to get Wazirx Clone Script

With no confusion, Troniex Technologies - A leading Cryptocurrency exchange developemnt company , will be the perfect place to get your advanced user centric Wazirx Clone script, that could help you achieve your business greater heights. We understand ongoing market trends and demand, then we will execute those to stay one step ahead of competitors.

Get our the best peer-to-peer crypto exchange Script like Wazirx.

Our Wazirx Clone Software Development Process

Requirement Analysis

We gather our clients requirements and sketch out the website and app according to their instructions


Once we draft the requirements from our clients, our techies start planning the software needs.


The most important part in developing a Software and app. Our team of designers start giving their full-fledged action plan


With the inclusion of blockchain technology our developers code the wazirx clone Software with 100% accuracy.


Will ensure the flawless working condition and any presence of vulnerabilities, disadvantages and bugs to eradicate


We deploy the Wazirx Clone Software into the client network and make sure that it is compatible to process transactions.


We offer Complete help directly from ideation to post organization and any adjustment should be possible into the application without a second thought.

Launch your crypto exchange like WazirX with Troniex’s WazirX clone script !!