Cryptocurrency Exchange development: How to build a crypto exchange platform like WazirX?

July 24th 2024


How to build a crypto exchange platform like WazirX?

The Indian crypto market is heating up. There are new players, new exchanges coming up every day and existing exchanges expanding their offerings and the regulators have finally woken up to endow an institutional investor-friendly ecosystem. The new-age digital exchanges like wazirx is making life easier for investors. 

Troniex technologies is the emerging crypto exchange development company that provides wazirx clone script to start crypto exchange platform like wazirx. Wazirx clone script is a readymade software package that used for creating the replica of wazirx exchange platform. 

What is wazirx clone script?

Wazirx is world's leading p2p crypto exchange platform that allows global traders to trade multiple cryptocurrencies.Given the success of WazirX, most business people are interested to build their own crypto exchange platforms like WazirX. This has increased the growth of the WazirX clone script.

Wazirx clone script is a ready-made white label software that incorporates all of Wazirx exchanhe features and UI while allowing for customization. We provide a custom made wazirx clone script, so you can tailor it by adding or deleting features and rearranging them according to your specific needs and requirements.

Salient features of wazirx clone script

Integrated Trading Bot - Automate buying and selling processes.

Real-Time Price Tracker - Track cryptocurrency prices, trading volumes, and rankings, helping you make sound decisions.

Reviews & Ratings - The feedback given by the users. 

KYC/AML Verification - Confirming the user’s identity and analyzing the risk value

Cold Wallets -  Hassle-free storage and management of your multiple cryptocurrencies

IEO Launchpad - Help you attract your potential investors for raising funds for your token.

OTC Trading -  carry out asset trading directly without any intermediary.

Admin Panel -  Monitor the trading activities of all the users. 

Multi-Language Support - Allow users across the globe to trade cryptocurrency 

Transaction History Tracking - As every transaction is recorded and fraudulent activities can be tracked down in a matter of minutes.

Intuitive UI/UX - Grab the user attention by perfectly designed UI/UX 

Security features

KYC/AML Verification

Encrypted Private Key

Two-factor Authentication

Data Encryption

CSRF protection

Location Tracking

SSRF protection

SQL Injection Prevention

Anti-DDoS protection

How Our WazirX Clone Script Works?

1.First user have to create an account in the WazirX clone Exchange. A wallet is created for the user, once registeration is completed.

2. User adds funds to the wallet after KYC completion to execute a transaction. 

3.Seller posts their offering related ads and payment method, currency type, exchange rate and other details.

4.Buyer receives notification once the seller posts the ad. As per the buyer's requirwment they can choose the their suitable seller..

5. The buyer pays the stipulated fund to the seller via the preferred payment method.

6.The admin instructs the third party to release the requested cryptos to the user's wallet after seller confirms the transaction

Advantages of choose wazirx clone script from Troniex

Comprehensive customization

On-time deployment

Secure installation

Support multiple platforms

Appropriate support and maintenance

Cost efficient solution

Powerful admin dashboard

Performance scalability

Cloud tech integeration

WazirX Clone App Development

In this digital era there is no douby that the exchange business application is all-time high!. Crypto exchange applications are deemed as being the most effective way for exchange business to engage its target audience. By getting our perfect wazirx clone script we assists you to create a cross-platform compatible and feature-packed WazirX Clone mobile Application embedded with spectacular security features.

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